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7. Better informed probation officers better protect the community

Team meetings empower probation officers

The drug court team meetings are eye-openers for probation officers. These twice monthly team meetings gather information they would not have otherwise known-information on which they took action they would not have otherwise known to take. They have learned their probationers are high in group therapy, (confidentiality having been waived) were seen by drug cops at crack houses, are calling undercover drug sellers, are skipping treatment, have lost a job, are about to be charged with new offenses. This information helps probation officers direct their attention where it is needed. Information gathered leads to additional searches, additional drug tests, additional checks of cell phones, and additional monitoring. Information gathered in team meetings means that probation officers can take meaningful action to protect the public. Probation officers who do surveillance have only so much time. It is better for them to spend their time where the most good is done rather than to do drive randomly from house to house.