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2. The 12-minute tour of Drug Courts

This e-book does not read like the great American novel, or even like The Wall Street Journal and may include more information than you might not desire to read even on your most curious day. It was my hope to create a resource that could answer basic questions as well as serve as a guide to further inquiry. Topics are purposefully grouped, but this arrangement does not put most important data first. Some sections may contain information of no interest to you, but hopefully of interest to others.

Rather than plow through this entire document, (guaranteed by some to solve insomnia) the reader might be willing to spend 12 minutes before deciding either that you know enough to "get on board."

                Here is your 12-minute tour guide.

First, view the brain scans, SECTION 3 to give you an idea how the brains of drug and alcohol addicts have been affected. The case studies in SECTION 4 show why drug courts succeed with hard core, treatment-resistant addicts when other models don't. Finally, the first 2 paragraphs of Section 16 "Conservatives agree: drug courts actually do save taxpayer dollars" should have you pulling into the station at around 11 minutes, 18 seconds.

                Thanks for reading this far.

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